Providing Archiving and Storage services to the oil and gas industry

Archiving and Storage of Wellsite Cuttings and Cores

Preserve and Protect Your Valuable Data – the Actual Rock Record

Long-term storage of wellsite cuttings and cores available

Long-term storage now available

Wellsite samples ready for stoarge

long term wellsite samples in storage

As one of the largest processors of cuttings and cores, Ellington & Associates, Inc. is well suited to prepare your samples for long-term storage. Sample archiving is available as part of our broader sample management system, or in conjunction with other washing and preparation services.

When prepared for either wet or dry storage, each sample will be properly bagged and labeled with interval, well, client, and operator information. Our archiving techniques produce environmentally friendly results, preventing oil and drilling mud from soiling surfaces and a noticeable reduction in noxious odors.

Organized and Cost Effective Archiving

  • Provides a detailed inventory listing

  • Makes access quicker and easier

  • Reduces storage volume and cost

Experienced Sample Management

  • Over 8000 sq/ft of storage space in our new Houston warehouse

  • Reliable and efficient pick-up and shipping

  • Cleaning, preparation, and storage

  • Organize and re-label disorderly samples

  • Avoid workplace hazards with proper wet-sample storage

  • Minimizes drill mud odors

  • Environmentally friendly storage

Preparation of Cuttings

Cleaning and drying of samples

Washing and processing well site samples Storage for well site samples

Dedicated Sample Preparation

Geological correlating of well site cuttings and cores Geological correlating of well site cuttings and cores


Contact Ellington and Associates, Inc. today for more information about archiving and storage 713-956-2838.

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