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Mud Logging Quality Control

Mud logging is an integral aspect of the modern drilling process and is often the first and possibly earliest opportunity to detect hydrocarbon shows. As a result, it is crucial that the mud logging equipment used to monitor drilling is carefully calibrated and in proper working order. Ellington & Associates, Inc. therefore offers our services as a third party quality control analyst of the mud logging operations. Typically, our experienced staff of professional geologists and engineers actively participate from the pre-spud meetings through completion and evaluation.

At your request, our auditors will: Mudlogging

  • Evaluate total gas and chromatograph instruments and systems

  • Appraise sample collection procedures

  • Examine lithologic descriptions

  • Review trap functionality and sample line efficiencyMud Logging Equipment

  • Rate safety measures and compliance

  • Assess experience and capabilities of personnel

  • Analyze data and implement corrections

  • Make unannounced site visits


Associated Offshore Rigs Visited on 2013-2015 Mudlogging Audits

Atwood Oceanic's Condor Erik Raude Drill Ship Stena Forth
Atwood Oceanic's Condor Erik Raude Drill Ship Stena Forth
Deepwater Champion IceMax
Deepwater Champion Icemax Maersk Viking Voyage in Gulf Of Mexico
Noble Bully I Noble Don Taylor Ocean Apex
Noble Bully I Noble Don Taylor Ocean Apex
Transocean Nautilus  
Seadrill West Alpha Transocean Nautilus  

Click here to learn more: Associated Drilling Rigs Visited on Mudlogging Audits

Ellington Receives ExxonMobil Production Company - US Production organization's Outstanding Service Award
"I am very pleased to take this opportunity to present you with ExxonMobil Production Company - US Production organization's Outstanding Service Award. This award is in recognition of your long record of excellent support of ExxonMobil's Mud Logging Audit program. Dr. Gorody's help in this effort is also being recognized and is likewise, deeply appreciated. This award was recently recreated to recognize significant contributions by various crews operating in our producing areas in the United States - both onshore and offshore. The award also includes wireline and LWD crews on occasion so it's for a pretty small and prestigious group of people. Ellington & Associates has been instrumental in ensuring that our mud logging units have been operating efficiently and most importantly, safely. Without your diligent and consistent effort to inspect our gas detection equipment, we would have less confidence in one of our simplest but most important formation-evaluation tools, the mud log." Click here to read more.

No matter the circumstances, we can design a program to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the mud logging systems and equipment, procedures, and personnel. Contact Ellington and Associates, Inc. today for more information 713-956-2838.

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