Wellsite Geochemical Analysis Services for the Oil Industry

Wellsite Geochemical Analysis

Geochemical analysis provides valuable information for the understanding and evaluation of hydrocarbon systems and gives key insights necessary for implementing successful exploration programs and well-designed operations and completions that maximize production. From its inception, Ellington & Associates, Inc. has provided the oil and gas industry with high quality and timely geochemical services. We have an extensive range of analytical geochemistry tools and an experienced team of professionals and technicians to assist you in obtaining the data you need for your evaluations.

X-Ray Analysis X-Ray Analysis

Geochemical well logs can be created from samples using X-ray fluorescence (XRF) to measure elemental concentrations and X-ray diffraction (XRD) to measure mineral abundance. Successfully applied to a diverse range of depositional settings and basins around the world, geochemical well logging is a proven tool that facilitates the interpretation and correlation of the geologic record. The technique utilizes systematic changes in elemental abundances and ratios to identify subtle shifts in the sediment geochemistry and mineralogy throughout the stratigraphic column. Analysis of relative elemental abundances creates a quantifiable basis for understanding the mineralogy, provenance, anoxia, depositional environment, and diagenetic history of the formation being studied. Measurements can be conducted on either cuttings or cores. Industry applications of geochemical well logs include exploratory investigations, regional framework studies, drilling, completions, and furnish data essential to optimal field and reservoir evaluation, development, and management.

LECO Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Carbon (TC)

Since our inception in 1988, we have been leaders in the oil and gas industry for Total Organic Carbon (TOC-LECO) Analysis. We utilize a state-of-the-art LECO C-230 system for rapid, precise, and reliable results. We also offer TC measurements on samples to provide a reliable determination of organic and inorganic carbon.

  • Leaders the in oil and gas industry for TOC analysis since 1988

  • Solvent extracted TOC for insoluble kerogen

Click here for more information on: Total Organic Carbon (TOC-LECO) Analysis

LECO Total Sulfur

We offer LECO sulfur as a precise, reliable, and economic measure of sulfur abundance in a wide variety of organic materials, including coal, coke, and oil. Sulfur measurement is also offered for inorganic materials such as cement, limestone, soil, and sediment.

Headspace and Cuttings Gas Analysis (FID, C1-C6+)

Utilizing the process of gas desorption from drilled cuttings and cores, we analyze headspace gases from canned cuttings or sidewall cores to provide another tool for the evaluation of reservoir fluid and gas composition.

  • Hydrocarbon show indicator

  • Hydrocarbon ratios and fluid phases

  • Gas, oil, condensate, and water contacts

  • Geochemistry kits and cans provided

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