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Ellington & Associates, Inc. fully appreciates the importance of paleontology as a primary tool for determination of stratigraphic position, relative dating, and correlation. We are the leaders in providing contract and well site paleontologists to the oil and gas industry and have an outstanding reputation in the field. Our staff has many years of analytical and operational experience, and we have strong bonds and long-term relationships with many of the largest players in industry.

Paleontology is the study of ancient life forms through the examination of fossilized plant and animal materials. The field includes the study of body fossils, trace fossils (i.e., ichnites and burrows), cast-off parts (i.e., shells), and palynomorphs. Micropaleontology, the branch of paleontology that studies micro- and nannofossils, is of primary importance for biostratigraphical analysis and correlation. Micropaleontology is generally divided into four areas of study on the basis of microfossil composition: (1) calcareous, such as coccoliths and foraminifera; (2) phosphatic; (3) siliceous, such as diatoms and radiolarian; and (4) organic, such as the pollen and spores studied in palynology.

The extraction process for each microfossil is as unique as the sample itself. Our professional technicians are highly experienced and understand the appropriate methods necessary to provide you with the premium product in a timely manner.

Whether extracting, disaggregating, inspecting, evaluating, cataloging, sequencing, or cleaning samples, the difference is proven experience and knowledge!

Microfossil-Application-Close up of correlations based on Paleo Data

Wellsite Paleontologists

Availability of quality personnel when needed is a constant balance between budgets, long-term and short-term needs, and corporate philosophies. Let Ellington and Associates take the worry out the equation! Utilize our available personnel on a case-by-case or contract basis.

Wellsite Biostratigraphers, Paleontologists and Geologists

We have experienced personnel available who have operated in all parts of the world and in most capacities. Whether you need a particular skill set, geographic experience, or specific operational expertise, take a moment and contact us to discuss available personnel and possible options.

Paleo Preparation Technicians

The process of analyzing the microfossils at the well site to expedite information transmittal is best served when a technician is at the drill site preparing the samples for analysis. Having an professional and experienced technician on hand to insure the quality of sample gathering and preparation is particularly critical when drilling at high rates of penetration. Whether your needs are for wellsite or for office personnel, domestic or international locations, allow us to develop a program to satisfy your project requirements.

well site paleontologistsData Digitization

Ellington and Associates can assist you in converting your data into importable forms that integrate with your stratigraphic or other software. Contact us with any specific questions about this service.

Contact Ellington and Associates, Inc. today for more information about wellsite paleontology services 713-956-2838.




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