Mineral Analysis from X-Ray Diffraction

Mineral Analysis from X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) Bruker D4-Endeavor with LynxEye Detector

Our mineralogy team can supply the clients the mineralogy service making use of XRD, FTIR, SEM, and optical mineralogy.

X-ray Diffraction (XRD) analysis

XRD records the diffraction or reflection of a beam of X-rays by solids, including geological samples.  The unique arrangement of atoms in each mineral’s crystal structure interacts with the X-ray beam, producing regions of diffraction intensity, or peaks, diagnostic for that mineral. 

Ellington’s X-ray diffraction capabilities


  • Multiple Bruker D4 high-throughput X-Ray diffractometers in the office
  • Multiple, portable Bruker D2 phaser units for well-site analysis
  • Ultra-portable Olympus Terra unit, can analyze less than 1 gram of sample
    • Near-real time bulk and total clay mineralogy Analysis is done around the clock by Ellington technicians in Houston via internet Sample analysis: appx. 10 minutes
    • Bulk minerals (qtz, feld, carb, etc.) & total clay
  • Leco TOC – the gold standard
    • Samples are leached with HCL and dried before pyrolysis
    • Sample prep: several hours
    • Sample analysis: less than 60 seconds

Scientists/XRD Interpretation TeamTerra (Olympus) XRD

  • XRD interpretation team consists of scientists in Houston, Aberdeen, and Shanghai

Results Timetables

  • Around-the-clock analysis capabilities
  • Premier Hot Shot XRD lab analysis for rapid results
  • Near real-time bulk sample mineral quantification with well-site units
  • Flexibility to choose bulk sample or bulk-and-clay quantitative XRD analysis   

Mineral Analysis from X-ray Diffraction (XRD)

  • Bruker D4-Endeavor with LynxEye Detector

  • The D4 ENDEAVOR is an X-ray Diffraction (XRD) Solution for the analysis of polycrystalline material by means of X-ray powder diffraction. The D4 ENDEAVOR performs qualitative and quantitative crystalline phase analysis, peak profile analysis, residual stress determination and structure solutions. As such it provides optimum performance for process and quality control in the aluminum, cement, chemistry, geology, pharmaceutical, and pigment industries.

    In addition to its proven accuracy, repeatability and reliability, the D4 ENDEAVOR features the modularity of the family of Bruker AXS Diffraction Solutions. Ellington's D4 ENDEAVOR is equipped with innovative 1-dimensional X-ray detectors – LYNXEYE – to provide an enormous reduction of measurement time per sample.

  • Jade software for advanced interpretation

  • Bulk and Bulk + Clay analysis available

  • Produce mineral log curves

  • Kübler Index (illite) for thermal maturation

Provenance & clay diagenesis:


  • Feldspar type and relative abundance

  • Carbonate abundance

  • Polytypes of illite/mica

  • Expandability of inter-stratified illite/smectite

Well completions & pipelines:


  • Recognize pore-throat plugging derivatives of zeolite minerals and Fe-rich carbonates

  • Locate siderite, pyrite, and other problematic scale-producing minerals


  • Identify producing zones in formations where chlorite suppresses resistivity

  • Unmask reservoir quality sands where K-feldspar content produces high gamma-ray readings similar to adjacent shales

  • Improve porosity evaluation with formation-specific grain density

  • Calculate relative brittleness from mineralogy

A substitue proxy for XRD like analysis

FTIR Analysis

Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) analysis gives rapid quantitative analysis of broad mineral groups, including total clays. Analysis may be completed with minimal sample preparation and requiring a small sample size. Some calibration with XRD results of known samples from the well may be required. X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD) is the gold standard for mineral quantification in the industry. XRD offers great accuracy and ability to speciate a wide range of minerals, including clays. Analysis turnaround for XRD with the Terra portable unit is 1 day or less, with around the clock interpretation capabilities.

Click here to learn more: Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) analysis

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